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Updated disease model [WIP]
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This is a preview of the hypothetical disease model being described in the upcoming paper. An experimental intervention protocol based on this work can be found here.

These figures are a draft and may contain errors. An interactive version of these diagrams is being actively developed and a beta version can be found here, which is currently not working on mobile browsers; however, you can also right-click on the images below and open them in a new tab / save them for high resolution and/or easier navigation.

A recorded presentation of the model can also be found here:

Errata in video dialogue / content:
2:35 - Interferon-gamma inhibits Complex I and Interferon-alpha inhibits Complex II, not the other way around.
51:50 - NOS reaction should have NADPH as the acceptor and is reversible. See updated diagrams.
59:20 - The "Chief Science Officer" referred to was from Oligolab, not to be confused with Oligoscan, as these are separate companies which both offer this technology. [English subtitles are now corrected. Auto-translation to other languages will be checked.]

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

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