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Questions and Answers / Calculating mineral dosages?
« on: August 03, 2022, 05:07:13 AM »
Hi All

I saw someone mention this protocol on Twitter and am very curious, particularly about the hair minerals since this ties in with Ron Davis' latest. I've ordered myself a hair test, but wondering if there is a particular formula we are supposed to be using for calculating the dose of the depleted minerals, based on those results? (as per 'Step 3', here)

I also note that there is a caution on manganese tolerance with Lyme, could anyone elaborate on this?
I have been chronically low to deficient in Mn over the years despite multiple rounds of 10mg/day and I never felt better for supplementing it. I've had positive Lyme IgM ELISAs in the past but it's my understanding that this can cross-react with Rheumatoid Factor. Both the follow up Blot testing done by my GP and Armin EliSpot and SeraSpot were negative. The only abnormality was a low CD57+ NK cells, but I can't find much in the literature to validate the significance of this. I'm fully expecting Mn to show low in this hair test but fairly confident I don't have Lyme ???

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