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Questions and Answers / Spironolactone and v3
« on: July 03, 2021, 08:54:50 PM »
I'm curious as to whether and when I might consider spironolactone as an antiviral if the v3 protocol isn't enough to knock down EBV in my case. Or might it be a reasonable consideration now, if I can get my hands on it? I have a friendly doctor, so I shouldn't have any issues obtaining a prescription. Since it's been effective in v1 and v2, I'm interested in keeping it in my back pocket as an option. Good for psychological security to have something else in my control 🙂

Member Blogs / Calluna's journey
« on: June 22, 2021, 06:34:54 PM »
Where I'm starting from
  • 33 y/o female at about 40% functionality on Hummingbird scale
  • Diagnosed December 2020, symptomatic since at least 2017. Gradual onset, so I can't pinpoint a date
  • Positive for EBV EA antibodies, negative for HHV-6; haven't been able to complete testing for other viruses
  • Primary symptom is PEM; some sleep disturbance, some possibly related mild sinusitis. No POTS; pain in neck and shoulders but that's what you get for sitting at a computer for ten hours a day
  • Otherwise fairly healthy and uncomplicated; biggest issue is depression, which has been well under control with medication for a year or two now
  • Hormonal fluctuations have been smoothed out with continuous birth control (skipping the placebo weeks). I'd get period PEM previously, but that isn't an issue any more

Day 0: preparation

The rest of the supplements arrived today, and I've put together four days' worth of pills and powders. I ran into some dosing discrepancies between the draft schedule and the released 3.31 specification (creatine, glycine, BCAAs, and choline I think) so I went with the lower doses when ambiguous. Taurine wasn't on the draft schedule when I ordered everything, but I should have some on Thursday. (I like sleep.) When it comes time to prepare again, I'll put together a more readable table of ingredients, doses, and times to help me keep everything straight.

I'll be starting this off with a low carb diet. (The fast scares me a little, but I'll keep it as an option if the protocol otherwise doesn't start working for me.) I've been more or less low carb for several years, so it's not a big shift.

Tomorrow morning I'll start on the supplements. I'm optimistic 🤞

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