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Questions and Answers / Candida / SIBO
« on: June 30, 2021, 09:28:46 AM »
How do we reconcile the possibility that Candida, SIBO or both are part of what is causing us to feel sick and exhausted?

I understand that poor diet, lifestyle, underlying immune problems are some of the primary drivers to Candida/SIBO. Those factors also seem to be factors in the HASD model. Is it possible that Candida/SIBO are simply adaptations that resolve itself once we fix root issues such as the latent viral infection, metabolic alterations, nutrient deficiencies, reduction of ROS? Or do we also have to address the dysbiosis along side HASD.

I recall that SIBO reduction is a bonus effect from the EGCG fast... Is that simply because we are depriving the microbiome of food and thus clearing the bad bugs, or because we are fixing the root issue at hand, or both?

Thanks in advance!! :D

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