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Welcome (..again!)
« on: June 13, 2021, 11:22:18 PM »
This community forum was founded on 9th-June-2021 as a new home for open discussion around the research and methodology described currently in preprints, while providing updates, Q&A and home for people seeking to learn more information around the proposed Herpesviridae Autoimmune Spectrum Disorder.

After some days of wrestling with buggy forum software, on 14th-June-2021 we concluded it wasn't a suitable platform to build a community on and made the decision to switch to SMF, which has been quite a contrast.

Unfortunately, this means all members will need to reset their passwords.

All historical information can be found here:

Key information from these previous discussions will also be transferred into a new structure here.
NB. I am NOT a doctor and all information provided is for educational purposes only.

Please consult your physician before attempting anything you read here.