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v3.31 is now on RG -

Attached is a draft for v3.31AU, with region-specific vendor links, for convenience.

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2021-07-16 UPDATE: A "WIP" towards a "Coxsackie B-inclusive" protocol for the next update is in testing.

The earlier V3.2 protocol may be more appropriate for anyone suspected as seropositive for Coxsackie B. Clarifying one aspect of v3.2, where beta-glucans are listed, this referred to the beta-glucans content of those items, rather than the total amount of each. eg. 15g of oat bran = approximately 1000mg of beta-glucans.

L-ornithine L-aspartate (LOLA) has been added back in as an option during the induction phase, while the purine nucleotide cycle restarts. (Separate L-ornithine and L-aspartate products are acceptable, if supply issues continue.)

We were exploring LOLA in v2. It may provide a more pleasant experience while processes the initial backlog of ammonia during the induction phase.

The EGCG dose was significantly increased to allow sufficient reduction / balance of GDH without simultaneous use of spironolactone. The 4th dose was reduced to allow for a stable serum profile / steady-state. There are appears to be large variability between EGCG content of different brands / products / batches, despite labelling. Adjustments may be needed around sleep / PEM blocking.

Sulforaphane, retinoic acid, boron and Vitamin D3’s role in stabilising hormonal influences of GDH included.

Forskolin added for improved cAMP and beta-oxidation, also helping to normalise catecholamines, GDH.

I lab-tested various reishi products. Currently “Life Extension Reishi Complex” is the only compatible product. There will be a post on this when I have received an email with the HPLC and LCMS reports. The reishi dose was increased to further decrease (normalise) 5-AR with a longer metabolic half-life than EGCG, allowing for more stable GDH levels throughout the day, with potential enhancements for viral apoptosis.

This version of the schedule contains food items needed for feeding tube scenarios and a link to an example diet which meets the baseline requirements for less severe people.

The baseline parameters are roughly [1g net carbs: 1g fat : 1g] protein for people who are fairly sedentary / immobile, after the initial induction phase, where we aim to deplete some stored glycogen, total energy intake and decrease oxidative stress, which is required to move forward. More protein is encouraged.

Once people are able to be more active, the carbohydrates will need to be increased to match glycogen usage, however still maintaining lower GI carbs and a pseudo-diabetic approach to avoid blood glucose spikes.

(These blood glucose spikes may be problematic if pancreatic GDH is still high, as hyperinsulinism is then expected, adding to the excess energy issues described in the mitochondria for other cells.)

Overall, "grazing" is suggested, rather than big, heavy meals.

Here's an image / link to the example diet.

Adjustments for tolerances / preferences can be made. eg. coffee / dairy aren't mandatory, just demonstrating that they're acceptable.

Bell peppers are included for hesperidin content, which works with the forskolin to improve cAMP levels. This assists normalise beta-oxidation of fatty acids, improving energy levels and cognition while also decreasing neural GDH via cAMP modulating TrKB, BDNF.

Broccoli is included to assist with sulforphane intake and would be best consumed with radishes and / or mustardseed for myrosinase, which helps improve the sulforaphane content derived from that meal.

Sulforaphane is also included in the Life Extension Mix multi in v3,3. It's included to assist with increasing 3a-HSD, along with other ingredients.
Normalising 3a-HSD helps reduce DHT -> GDH and increase allopregnanolone.

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NB. I am NOT a doctor and all information provided is for educational purposes only.

Please consult your physician before attempting anything you read here.

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In-progress version of 3.31 for USA.

Open questions remaining:

- Lion's Mane has not been fully vetted (yet). Anecdotally, it appears to have induced a response in myself.
- Feeding tube scenario items need to be double-checked. I attempted to find the closest US equivalents.

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Fasting supplies, USA:

  • Succinic Acid:
as posted earlier here.
SCBT has it as well.
but it's more expensive than Bio Basic.

  • Potassium Chloride: Now Foods was recommended, and is available on Amazon:
I also use BulkSupplements':
PureBulk has it as well.

  • Sodium Chloride: I found reagent-grade from a lab supply on Amazon here:

  • Magnesium Oxide:
PureBulk also has it.

  • Resveratrol:
- I can vouch for its purity. ;)

  • EGCG:

Note that it has 98% polyphenols, 2% caffeine, no fillers - but only 50% EGCG, so remember to double the doses mentioned in the instructions if using this source. E.g. to get 120mg of EGCG, you'd use 240mg of this powder.

I have personally gone through the fasting protocol using PureBulk's versions of these products, as well as the reagent grade sodium chloride and BioBasic's succinic acid.
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Thank you so much for putting effort into doing all of that!

I've edited your post as the new "Advanced WYSIWYG Editor" plugin appears to be messing up formatting for line-feeds, etc. I'll contact the vendor.

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dumb question, what's up with cooking rice in unsalted water?

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dumb question, what's up with cooking rice in unsalted water?
Oh, that's just a Cronometer entry when I was calculating the diet plan. It contributes to the overall daily sodium intake. You can add salt, as appropriate. ;D

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Hi im excited to start your latest protocol, but the attachment is not downloading perhaps you could create a wetransfer link?

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Hi im excited to start your latest protocol, but the attachment is not downloading perhaps you could create a wetransfer link?

If you're in the Discord, it's also available there -